Casa Metier

About Us

Renata Antunes Casa MétierRenata Antunes founded Casa Métier with a strong belief that creativity and community should be at the heart of the company's culture. With a successful career in business development and marketing - her keen eye for fashion and design lead her to the world of wall coverings. She fell in love with the way a perfectly selected wallpaper could transform a room.

She took that passion and created Casa Métier, fully engaging with the design community and building long lasting relationships through incredible customer service and an unmatched array of products sourced from around the world. Her goal is to always lead with integrity -  quality products, services and people. 

Renata thrives on connection - always giving her clients 100% of her time and effort with every consultation. You can always expect to receive the full Casa Métier Experience. 

Originally from Brazil, Renata evokes positivity and kindness, bringing her energetic enthusiasm and attention to detail to every single project and client, no matter the size.